4M09 Fun Ukes – Explore Ukulele Songs With Easy Chords

Tutor/Facilitator Minuk Richards

Date: on/from Thu 7 Apr 2022 to end year
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 12:30-1:30

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

This is a course for people who have basic ukulele skills and want to perform
a wide repertoire of songs using these basic skills. If you can comfortably
play the ukulele chords of C, F, G, Am, Dm, D, then you can have fun
strumming many folk songs and pop songs. We’ll be strumming the ukulele
to accompany songs, so some singing is involved; however, you don’t have
to be a strong singer to join..

REQUIREMENTS: Students must already have a ukulele, be able to tune the
ukulele and understand chord charts/diagrams. For face-to-face classes, a
music stand is also useful. Students will need to be able to print out the song
sheets or download song sheets onto a reading device.

TUTOR: Minuk is an experienced teacher who has been formally trained in
classical music. She enjoys playing music in small ensembles and is keen to
help others to gain musical knowledge and develop the technical skills that
facilitate participation in community music-making.

Classes will be held on Zoom if COVID-19 restrictions do not allow face-to-face classes