4S19 Japan from your Armchair (repeat course)

Tutor/Facilitator Helen Devereux

Date: on/from Thu 3 Dec 2020 to Thu 26 Nov 2020
Frequency: weekly for 8 weeks
Class time: 10:00-11:00

Other information

An eight-week journey through Japan, and all from the comfort of your armchair. Ideal for anyone planning a trip to Japan or for those with an interest in Japanese culture, food and sights.

Helen has visited Japan 10 times since 2001. With every trip there have been new discoveries, new places to visit, new sights in places previously visited, and always a desire to go back and see more.

We will look at:
 Major cities, mountain villages, seaside escapes and all the big and small sights
 Accommodation types – modern and traditional
 Transportation – rail passes, shinkansen (speed trains), local trains, taxis and buses
 Navigating railway stations and airports
 Understanding signs
 Currency
 Restaurants and reading menus
 Shopping
 Antiques
 Useful expressions
 Etiquette
 Cooking classes and other activities

TUTOR: Helen has been passionate about Japan for years and has planned and escorted several small group tours to Japan for family and friends.