5B10 Friday Film

Tutor/Facilitator David Robinson

Date: on/from Fri 30 Jul 2021 to end year
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 1:00-2:30

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

In 2021 Friday Film classes will continue as they were in 2020. Class members will receive an email the weekend prior to the Friday when the film will be discussed. The email will nominate a film to watch during the coming week. Films will be free to watch on one of several internet streaming services and hence can be watched at time to suit you on a computer or Smart TV. On Friday, at 1.00 pm, class members will attend the Zoom session to discuss the film.

At some time in 2021 we hope that face-to-face classes will become possible again. When this occurs an additional discussion attendance option will be available in Room 3 at the Mary Kehoe Centre. Room 3 seating would be limited due to socially distanced seating and mask wearing would be obligatory. Room 3 attendees would attend the Zoom discussion as a group and afterwards may choose to join us for a chat/coffee/tea at the Sandbar Café. Note that the film will not be shown in Room 3. Class members will still need to watch the film the week prior to the Zoom session on their Smart TV or computer.

NOTE: www.live.org.au/FILM has details of the films to be shown in 2021 as well as other information about the course.
This class also provides the opportunity for class members to volunteer to be a “guest host”, where a class member nominates a film and hosts the discussion the following Friday.

TUTOR: David Robinson likes to host discussions about films that have “merit”.