5K04 A Mathematical Tasting Plate of Eight Delicacies

Tutor/Facilitator Kevin Anderson

Date: on/from Fri 26 Mar 2021 to Fri 14 May 2021
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 2:00-3:00

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

Revised agenda:

Each of the eight Menus comprises:

  • Entree (10 min. background),
  • Main /Side (15 min of fame for each of two contemporary protagonists)
  • Dessert (10 min questions, 10 min summing up)

The following lists the 2021 dates and main protagonists for each session

    • Friday 5 March – Euclid /Archimedes
    • Friday 12 March – Hindu-Arabic /Leonardo Pisano (Fibonacci)
    • Friday 19 March – Cardano /Descartes
    • Friday 26 March – Newton /Leibnitz
    • Easter break
    • Friday 23 April – Gauss /Maxwell
    • Friday 30 April – Godel /Turing
    • Friday 7 May – Jobs /Gates
    • Friday 15 May – Anderson et al /Driverless Cars

All of the above sessions will be presented via zoom for one hour.  With 20 or so attendees the four courses will be mostly one way with little interaction.

However, comments typed during each part will be collated and where possible addressed at the end.

Peter has further suggested to offer help outside class time for people who want individual help with practical exercises.

Putting two and two together (sic) Kevin therefore proposes a number of face-to-face opportunities

The Middle Park Bowling Club (in the park opposite Armstrong Street) has a spot for us in the Function Centre on Wed from 11:00 to 12:00 and many a coffee shop after that.

We have in mind four Wed hands-on sessions:

  • Wed 17 March – Constructibles – straightedge and compass only – pentagon, hexagon, Islamic patterns
  • Wed 31 March – Numbers, Algebra (cubics) and Calculus (eek)
  • Wed 28 April – Conjugate group theory and Rubik’s cube (bring two – one done, one scrambled)
  • Wed 12 May – DIY App – cause-consequence model

REQUIREMENTS: Pencil, paper, compass, straight edge (maybe Rubik).

TUTOR: Kevin graduated from Melbourne University in Engineering (1968) and Planning (1972). Reacting to 1984 Ash Wednesday bushfires, he turned to a career of safety critical system software safety assurance, deeply mathematical.

In consultation with Dr Peter Thorne.