Mahjong for beginners – intensive teaching course

Tutor/Facilitator Ann Thompson & Margaret Smith

Date: on/from Thu 21 Apr 2022 to Thu 21 Apr 2022
Frequency: 5 days during April Holidays
Class time: 10:00-12:00

Delivered F2F

Mary Kehoe Centre, Hall

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Other information

This is an enjoyable short introductory course on the basics of the game of Mahjong. The objective is to give participants a working knowledge of the  game so that they can feel confident to play with more experienced players. It is expected that the participants attend all five sessions. This is a teaching class for complete beginners. No experience necessary. “The Mahjong Players Companion” by Patricia A Thompson & Betty Maloney is advised.

If you are looking for a game to challenge your mind – this is it.  It is not combative or about point scoring but it is about luck and also co-operation.  If you can recognise cards you can recognise suits such as characters, circles and bamboo.  Winds and dragons are similar to Aces in other card games.  To me, the initial challenge was building the walls and dealing the tiles to each player.  Once this is complete, the game plays are up to the individual.  Watching and listening are important.  The sheer joy of achieving a winning hand is immense.  A great game of participation.

Anne Thompson learnt to play Mahjong at the age of seven and has taught many people how to play this intriguing game. She says: “Sessions are a lot of fun as we grapple with funny words and building walls! There is every expectation that everyone will be on the pathway to being able to well and truly play the game by the end of the five sessions”.

The course will be held in the Holiday Program on Tuesday 12 April, Wednesday 13 April, Tuesday 19 April, Wednesday 20 April, and Thursday 21 April.

It is expected that the participants attend all five sessions.  No bookings accepted once the course has started.