Origin of the Bible and Koran from an agnostic, non-religious point of view

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Date of event or class - Tue 23 Oct

Tutor/Facilitator Colin MacLeod

Frequency weekly until Oct 23

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 1

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This course will cover:

Where did the old Testament come from?

  • Ancient Israel
  • Who had sovereignty in Israel before the Romans?
  • The making of the Bible

The making of the New Testament

  •  Christianity


  • The geopolitical situation at the time of Muhammad
  • Muhammad
  • The Caliphate & early Islam o Islam the religion
  • The Qur’ans formation
  • The recently discovered Birmingham Qu’an
  • Mary the Virgin in Qu’an
  • Other important Islamic teachings
  • Intellectualism in Islam
  • The glories of Cordoba, Islam’s eclipse

Islam tensions in the West

  • Reaction of fundamentalist Islamic society
  • A return of Ijtihad is desperately needed

TUTOR: Colin has an impressive background that includes: barrister, judge and magistrate; patrol officer in the Northern Territory working with Australian Aborigines; lecturer at Prahran Technical College and RMIT; author of Patrol in the Dreamtime and A Strong Song. Post-retirement activities include: assisting ex-prisoners after release from prison; Bachelor of Theology (covering Aboriginal religion, Islam, God/Science).

NOTE: Classes held 1:45 to 2:45 in September and 12:30-1:30 in October