Philip Johnson & “The Glass House” A modern master architect and his greatest legacy.

Tutor/Facilitator Mark Denniston

Date: on/from Tue 22 Sep 2020 to Tue 22 Sep 2020
Frequency: Single Event
Class time: 10:30-11:45

Other information

Delivering a pre-recorded seminar titled “The Glass House – Bauhaus and Beyond” on the life and works of Philip Johnson, an American architect working in the era of the evolution of modernism and the minimalist International Style.

To begin and to establish context, Mark will very briefly cover the development of modernism and some of the influences such as the Bauhaus that Johnson embraced and established him as one of the pre-eminent American architects of the 20th century.

The Glass House property is now administered by The National Trust for Historic Preservation and is open for public viewing.

Requirements: An interest in design, architecture and art in general

Mark has no qualifications with regard to this topic, only an interest in modern architecture and art in general. As it is a pre-recording of a presentation by The Glass House organisation its pedigree is assured.


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