Saturday Seminar – The Art of the Russian Revolution

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Tutor/Facilitator Dr Michael Adcock

Date: on/from Sat 20 Jun 2020 to Sat 20 Jun 2020
Frequency: Single Event
Class time: 2:30-3:30

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In 2019, two major exhibitions in Europe charted the course of Russian revolutionary art. The first in Russia drew attention to Ilya Repin, the influential leader of the Wanderers group, who in the 19th century rebelled against the historicist themes of the Russian Academy of Arts and went out to paint the lives of peasants and workers. The second exhibition in Paris, “Rouge: Art and Utopia in Soviet Russia”, traced out the great themes of Stalin’s vision for a regimented, conformist and supposedly utopian society. Between these two eras lies the actual art of the Russian Revolution and the Civil War, manifestation of the battle to capture hearts and minds throughout the conflicts. Join art and revolutionary expert Dr Michael Adcock as he charts the influence of art during this tumultuous period.

Dr Michael Adcock is a social and cultural historian with over ten years’ experience in leading residential study tours to Europe. He has a strong interest in the interpretation of the arts in the context of the political and social moment in which they were created. Over the last few years Michael’s very popular presentations for U3APP Saturday Seminars have included “Haussmann and the rebuilding of Paris” and “Paris and the Belle Epoque”.

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