The Adventure of English – Evolution of the English Language

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Date of event or class - Tue 7 Aug

Tutor/Facilitator Jim Pribble

Frequency Weekly, 10 sessions to 18 Sep

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 3

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This course is based on two programs from the Great Courses series – The Story of Human Language (presenter Dr John McWhorter) and The History of the English Language (presenter Dr Seth Lerer). Each week will feature two 30-minute lectures from these programs, and include time for discussion.

Week 1: What is Language / When Language Began

Week 2: Language Families – Indo European / A New Perspective on the Story of English

Week 3: The Beginnings of English / The Old English Worldview

Week 4: Did the Normans Really Conquer English? / What did the Normans do to English?

Week 5: Chaucer’s English / The Return of English as a Standard

Week 6: Shakespeare – Drama, Grammar, Pronunciation / Shakespeare – Poetry, Sound, Sense

Week 7: The Bible in English / New Standards in English

Week 8: The Beginnings of American English / American Dialects in Literature

Week 9: Language Starts Over –Pidgins / Language Starts Over – Creoles

Week 10: Dialects – The Fallacy of Blackboard Grammar / An Anglophone World / Conclusions

TUTOR: Jim has an MSc Biological Research degree, with 30 years experience in natural resource management/research in Oregon, USA and within the Victorian Government. He is an author of many technical papers and reports, and is an experienced public speaker.