The Life! Program – Health Workshops

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Date of event or class - Fri 2 Mar

Tutor/Facilitator Olivia Morrison

Frequency weekly for 6 weeks

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 1

Other information

The Life! program is a lifestyle modification program run by expert health professionals that helps individuals reduce their risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

This informative program will cover:
Week 1: Introduction
* Goal setting. Each participant sets 2-3 personal health goals to work towards over the next 6 weeks.
* Nutrition topic 1: Fat vs fibre; ‘plate portions’ for weight loss and reducing the risk of lifestyle-related disease.
Week 2: Nutrition
* Visual presentation of portion sizes for different food groups.
Weeks 3-4: Exercise
* The dangers of sitting.
* What types of exercise are right for you?
* Label reading: how to choose healthy options.
* Nutritional Information Panel Activity.
Week 5: Nutrition & Stress/Sleep Management
* Mindful eating – non-diet approach to healthy eating.
* Chocolate eating activity.
* Techniques to manage stress and improve sleep.
* Physiology: stress and sleep hormones.
Week 6: Planned Lapses & Summary
* Planned lapses and how to overcome a ‘relapse’.
* Revisit goals from week 1.
* Summary booklet: tips for healthy eating, recipes, at-home workouts.

TUTOR: Olivia Morrison is an accredited and practising dietitian.

6 sessions only