Tuesday Talks – The Wonderful World of Infrared Thermography

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Date of event or class - Tue 27 Mar

Tutor/Facilitator Roger Christiansz

Frequency Single Event

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 3

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A must see presentation on Infrared Thermography!

Infrared Thermography lets us see the invisible, the electromagnetic frequency bands outside normal human visibility. In total darkness an IR camera can display the scene it is aimed at as clear as if it was daylight.

This presentation by Roger Christiansz will cover the basic principles on which a thermal imaging camera operates and the numerous applications, including building, electrical, mechanical, medical, surveillance and covert surveillance.

What is Infrared Thermography?

Infrared Thermography is “heat” writing or imaging. An Infrared  camera sees what our eyes cannot see. In total darkness an IR camera can display the scene it is aimed at as clear as if it was daylight.  The camera can also measure the temperature at any point in the field of view. This leads to many valuable applications where non contact temperature measurement is needed, such as monitoring hot spots on transmission lines, live electrical connections, problems with conveyor belt rollers, motors, pumps etc. Being able to “heat” image the camera can also detect cold areas and therefore can be used for detecting dampness in walls, carpet flooring etc. It is also a useful device for finding studs and noggins in brick veneer buildings.

Having the capability to “see” in total darkness an IR camera can also be used for night time driving. The applications for “Defence” are numerous given that the technology is all “military research spin off”.

And any one who watches cricket would be familiar with “Hot Spot” where  high  resolution IR cameras are deployed.

This presentation on the 27th of March will cover in detail how an IR Camera works, including the numerous applications and some interesting live demonstration. A small range of cameras will be made available following the presentation for any one interested in a ‘hands on” experience.  



Roger Christiansz spent 10 years as a Technical School maths/science teacher after completing a B. App. SC at Caulfield Institute of Technology (now Monash University) and Dip Ed at Hawthorn Teachers College (now part of the University of Melbourne).

From 1987 to his retirement at the end of 2014 Roger worked in the scientific industry as sales engineer, product manager, general manager and finally managing director of FLIR Systems Australia, a subsidiary of the world’s leading thermal imaging camera manufacturer. Of all the technologies he has worked with – including scientific and industrial laser systems, chemistry equipment and industrial environmental test systems – he is most passionate and excited about Infrared Camera systems. Roger co-wrote and taught the first Australian-based thermography courses accredited to the Australian Institute of Technology from 1997 to 2010 – courses run by the University of Melbourne.

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