Governance | Executive, Committee and Key Roles


Committee of Management (CoM):

You can view a photo and short bio of each of the current Committee members here.


President: Sheila Quairney
Deputy President: Hannah Len
SecretaryBranko Colavizza
Treasurer: Peter Chung

Members: Dianne Gameson, Allan Aberdeen, Colin Fryer, Gillian Wood, William Logan, John Hawker

Minutes Secretary: Margaret Smith


Portfolio teams:

Course Coordination (CCT): Allan Aberdeen, Helen Devereux, Colin Fryer, Ann Gibson,  Mike Perkal

Member Liaison: Jill Hearman, Diana Stock

Office Management Team (OMT): Ros Christie, Robyn Foy, Cheryl Freeman, Bev Fryer, Meredith Mancini

Events and Functions: Pam Caven, Sandra Mason, Dianne Gameson

Photographers: Barry McIntosh,  Robert Creed, Aziza Khamlichi

IT & Communications

IT systems: Helen Vorrath, Diane Boyle, Karen English, Jude Hatton, Lyn Place

Enrolment Management: Karen English, Branko Colavizza, Errol Malta, Lyn Place, Julie Smith, Hugh Sarjeant

e-Bulletin: David Robinson

Facebook: Janet Campbell

Spotlight On!: Julie Butcher

ITC and Audio-Visual equipment: Kevin English, Dennis Mouy, Peter Thorne

Property Manager: position vacant

Marketing Manager: Libby Smith

Privacy and Security Officer (PSO): John Hawker

Health and Safety Officer (HSO): Gillian Wood

Sustainability Officer: Hannah Len


Awards Advisory Group:

Barbara Fisher, Robyn Foy, Jill Hearman, Barry McIntosh, Jose Simsa