Tip | Fixing the problem if Waitlist or Cancel doesn’t generate an email

U3APP uses the automatic generation of emails for several functions, such as WAITLIST and CANCEL (for full courses). Should an email not be automatically generated, you can fix the problem as follows:

• logon to u3app.org.au
• click on Courses & Enrolling and then Courses by Category
• find any course which is full
• copy the whole entry, from the course code to the word WAITLIST, for example
5B10 Friday Movie, David Robinson, 12:00-4:00, Weekly from 31 Jan 2020 to Fri 4 Dec 2020, Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 3, FULL (31 places) WAITLIST
• paste the whole entry into an email
• send the email to yourself
• NOTE that the above steps can be done on any Windows or MAC device, but the following step must be done on the device which doesn’t generate the email
• when you receive the email on your device, click on the WAITLIST link in the email. The waitlist email will be displayed. Do not press SEND in the waitlist email.

This should permanently fix the problem on your device, so from now you will be able to
o click on WAITLIST on any Courses & Enrolling page and the waitlist email will be generated
o click on CANCEL on any of your courses or events which is full, on the Your Courses & Events page, and the cancel email will be generated