. Friends of Paynesville Library Short Story Competition

The Friends of Paynesville Library have written to invite U3APP Members to submit an entry to their 2020 Short Story Competition.

They write:

"The Friends of Paynesville Library Inc. after much consideration, decided to hold their annual Short Story Competition 2020.  We felt it might  be a nice distraction for those folk who are interested in writing and have been
isolated because of Covid19.

Perhaps you  may not have had time to compose a story before—so now might be the time to sit down, try and take your mind off the woes of the world and let the words flow. Who knows a new career or hobby beckons!

The Friends have a website:  www.friendsofpaynesvillelibrary.com  which has a brochure  that can be downloaded.

We hope you might accept our invitation to write a Short Story and wish you hours of enjoyment thinking up an interesting story.

PLEASE NOTE—stories must be in hard copy. Emails not accepted."

Click here to see further details including an entry form that can be printed.