Executive, Committee and Key Roles


President: Graham Gosling
Deputy President:   Pam Caven
Secretary:    Ian Shaw
Treasurer:   John Harris

Committee of Management members:

Lois Best, Diane Boyle,  Ann Gibson, Jim Pribble

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Minutes Secretary: Margaret Smith

Ex officio: Bev Fryer, Jill Hearman

Portfolio teams:

Course Coordination: Sunny Acreman, Margaret Byron, Ann Gibson, Jim Pribble

Member Liaison: Jill Hearman, Diana Stock

Finance & Purchasing:  Ian Shaw and John Harris

Office Managers: Bev Fryer, Lois Best

Roster Coordinator: Giovanna Ranoldo

Property Manager: Richard Edwards

Events and Functions: Pam Caven, Claire Keech

Enrolment Management (ITEM team): Karen English, Branko Colavizza, Errol Malta, Lyn Place, Hugh Sarjeant, Pauline Amos

IT systems: Helen Vorrath, Diane Boyle, Karen English, Jude Hatton, Kate Richards

Life Membership Standing Sub-Committee

Ron Ashbolt (Chair), Joan Ashbolt, Barbara Fisher, Jill Hearman, Jose Simsa