The story of U3APP and its people

We are delighted to announce that U3APP has published The story of U3A Port Phillip and its people 2003-2021.  It is published initially as an online book with a print version to follow in early 2022.

The first chapter of our story starts in 2003; the latest chapter is 2021 with the understanding that many chapters will be added in years ahead.

We owe much to the six founding members. They were able to translate their vision and philosophy for the fledgling organisation into its establishment as a growing concern. They set the tone and direction for U3APP’s development into a thriving modern learning community. Theirs was a vision of a learning community that would welcome, embrace, provoke and challenge Members.

The information in the story has been compiled in 2020 and 2021 by a small team of members who researched the records - public notices, minutes of meetings, newsletters, newspapers, databases – and, most significantly, conducted interviews with and requested submissions from a range of contributors.  We trust that their voices can be heard in the publication.

We hope that you will enjoy the story of our U3APP.

To read the online version of the story, click on the image above.

Options when reading the book online

If you read the story using the Chrome browser on a Windows or Apple laptop, there are a number of options across the top of the screen, which allow you to change the way the story is displayed:

  1. menu (3 lines on the left) displays a small image of each page on the left and you can go to any page by clicking on it
  2. zoom out (-) makes the letters smaller
  3. zoom in (+) makes the letters bigger
  4. the next icon (2 arrows in a box) displays either the whole page or displays the width of your screen
  5. more actions (3 dots on the right) shows more options:
    1. Two page view displays two pages at a time
    2. Present displays using the full screen (press Esc to return)

The display is more like a book if you choose whole page (option 4) and Present (option 5.2).

There are similar but slightly different options if you are using Microsoft Edge on a Windows device or Safari on an Apple laptop (right click on Safari).