Honorary Life Members

According to the Rules of Association of U3A Port Phillip, one category of membership of the organisation is Honorary Life Membership. It is defined as follows:

A Member whose volunteer contribution to the Association, other than any financial contribution, has been both exceptional and sustained over not less than ten years, whether that contribution is by way of tutoring, administration or management, may, on the recommendation of the Committee, be awarded Honorary Life Membership by a majority resolution at a general meeting.

The Committee of Management has delegated the task of selecting potential candidates for the award of an Honorary Life Membership to the Awards Advisory Group. For more details of the Terms of Reference and the process for accepting and assessing nominations, click here.

If there is a member of U3APP whom you think meets the criteria above, you can nominate them for Honorary Life Membership.

Nominations should be emailed to the chairHLMsubcom@u3app.org.au by 31 August for assessment in that year.

List of Honorary Life Members

Name and year of award

Ron Ashbolt, 2008

Joan Ashbolt, 2008

Jill Hearman, 2016

Shirley Armstrong, 2016

Ruth Avery, 2016

Jenny Hunter, 2016

Yvonne Lynch, 2016

Barbara Spalding, 2016

Betty Walton (deceased), 2016

Patsy Thatcher, 2016

Margaret Ireland, 2017

Barry McIntosh, 2017

Robyn Foy, 2018

Dianne Gameson, 2018

Sunny Acreman, 2019

Margaret Byron, 2019

Alison Harris, 2019

Jose Simsa 2020

Sandra Mason 2020

Barbara Fisher 2021