. How they hack your passwords

Recording of “How they hack your passwords”

Presented by U3A Technology Corner, Helen Smith (U3A Nunawading) - 20th July 2022

Think your passwords are safe? Find out how the ‘bad guys’ get your passwords without you knowing. Explore ways of protecting yourself, even if your passwords have been ‘stolen’. This session will help you appreciate the risks involved with poor passwords and give you some strategies for keeping your account logins safe.

What is hacking and why should you care? Do you really need to worry about your U3APP login or just your bank account? How can you check if your email address has been stolen? Are your passwords following a common pattern? What are the best ways of generating and ‘remembering’ your passwords? These are just some of the questions answered in this riveting session.

The 2-hour recording of the presentation is available by clicking on the link below.


From Hannah Len, Deputy President, U3A Port Phillip