Information for new members

New member? Welcome to U3A Port Phillip!

Below are a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with answers that can help you get the most out of your membership. Or to put it another way, here is everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Just click on the triangle beside the question to see the answer.

Where do I go to attend a U3A Port Phillip course?

The location/venue for each course is listed in the print version of the course guide, and on the booking page for the course, where you will also find a Google map. Most of our courses are held at the Mary Kehoe Centre, 224 Danks Street, Albert Park.

Do I need a permit to park near the Mary Kehoe Centre?

Parking in Danks Street and the nearby streets is restricted to 1 hour. The Council issue us with a number of parking permits for members to use, which allow you to park for more than an hour while you are in a class. Permits are kept in the Office. They are always in short supply, so please make sure that you sign the book when you take a permit, return it promptly after your class and sign the book to indicate you've returned it (if the Office is still open). If the Office is locked when your class finishes, slide the permit under the door. If the building is locked, put the permit in the letter box at the front gate.
If you can manage without a permit, it makes life easier for those who really need them. Here are some suggestions:

  • walk, cycle or come by public transport
  • get a lift from someone who lives near you and comes to your course
  • park in less restricted areas a little further away. Click here to see a map of the parking restrictions in nearby streets.
How do I find the right room for my class at the Mary Kehoe Centre?

As you walk down the passage from the front door, Room 2 and Room 3 are on your left. Room 1, the Office, and the toilets are on your right. At the end of the passage way is the Hall.

Why do U3APP members wear name tags?

Your name tag

  • identifies you as a U3APP member, and as a person entitled to be in the venues that we use
  • helps tutors and other course members to remember your name
  • contains emergency contact details that may be required in the event of an accident

so please wear it each time you come.

How do I get a name tag?

From the office.

How do I use U3APP's online systems?

To use our on-line systems, you always need to login to the website first. Then you can enrol in a course, waitlist for a course, cancel from a course or apologise for a particular class. You can also update your personal details, and you can check on your enrolment status. See later questions for details.

Do I have to use the on-line systems?

We know that not all our members are comfortable with computers. If that includes you, please come into the Office where someone will help you with whatever task you are trying to do. We want to encourage everyone to learn to use our on-line systems if possible, as other options make a lot of work for our volunteers.

Will I receive a confirmation when I do something on-line?

You will receive an automatically generated confirmation email when you pay your membership, when you enrol in a class, or when you cancel an enrolment in a course that isn't full.

If you enrol before a course starts, you will receive an automated email reminder two days before the first class.

If you waitlist for a course, cancel from a full course, or apologise for class or classes, the system generates an email which you have to SEND yourself. A copy of the email is sent back to you as a confirmation that you sent it.

If you are expecting a confirmation email and you haven't received it, please check your junk or spam folder to make sure it isn't there. If you definitely haven't received a confirmation, it is likely that the transaction has not completed and you may need to do it again. See other questions for ways to check.

How do I check whether I've paid my membership?

When you login, your membership status is displayed in the Members page.

How do I enrol in a course?

Click on Course Guide and find the course you want to join in the Course Program. If the course is not marked FULL, click on the course name and this will take you to the booking page, where there are more details about the course and a button to click on to enrol.

What if the course I want is full - should I bother to waitlist myself?

Yes, please do click on Waitlist. There are three reasons for doing so:

  • We actively manage waitlists throughout the year, so for courses with a moderate length waitlist, there is a good chance that you will get a place during the year.
  • If the waitlist is very short, tutors will sometimes agree to increase the course size by one or two people.
  • If the waitlist is very long, the Course Coordination team will try to find a way of scheduling another course with the same tutor, or a similar course with a different tutor. People waitlisted for the similar full course(s) will be given priority to enrol in the new course.
How do I check whether I've successfully enrolled or waitlisted myself for a course?

In the Members page, click on "Your Bookings". You will see a display of the courses you are enrolled in, and those you are waitlisted for. This is also the place to cancel out of a course, or to apologise for a particular class.

Please note that if you cancel from a course which is full, your enrolment will not be cancelled immediately. Your name will not be removed from the course list, and the course from the "Your Bookings" page until your place has been allocated to someone on the Waitlist. This may take 1-2 days.

Can I find out who else is in my course?

If you are logged in and click on the name of any course in a Courses page, you will see a list of those enrolled in the course. For privacy reasons, this is only visible to members, so you must login to see it.

Does U3APP keep class attendance records?

Yes, we do. These are kept electronically on tablets - we call them e-rolls. It is very important that you make sure you are marked as present for every class you attend, and that you send an apology (preferably well before the class) if you are unable to attend. If members consistently miss classes without apology and there is a waitlist for the course, the members are removed and their places given to someone on the waitlist.

Can I get a refund of my fee?

No. Your annual fee is a fee for membership in U3A Port Phillip; this does not guarantee you a place in any specific course.

How does U3APP function?

U3APP is run entirely by volunteers. The City of Port Phillip provides most of the venues for our courses, and we share them with other users. The combination of our hardworking volunteers and CoPP support allows us to provide astonishing value to members for a mere $40 per annum membership fees.

Most of the time U3APP functions like a well-oiled machine. But before you complain about anything that you find unsatisfactory, please remember that we are all volunteers, all doing the best we can.

I ticked the box to say I'd like to become a volunteer - what happens next?

First, a very big THANK YOU. U3A Port Phillip depends entirely on volunteers to operate, so we really appreciate your offer.

Our volunteers are organised into teams which correspond to the boxes on the sign-up form you filled in. When one of these team is looking for new recruits, someone will make contact with you if you ticked the appropriate box. In the meantime, enjoy our courses knowing that your opportunity to volunteer will come, sooner or later.

I'm not ready to volunteer yet, but I might be in the future. What should I do then?

You can change your personal details, including what you entered in the volunteer checkboxes, by logging in and going to the Update your details page of the website.

I have a question that isn't answered on this page. What can I do?

Please click here to send an email to our Member Liaison team. If you still have a question, we should probably add it and the answer to this page.

How to Enrol

On-line: after bookings have opened

On-line enrolments are preferred as this significantly reduces the amount of back-office work for our volunteers.

  • Login to the website.
  • Go to the Courses & Enrolling page.
  • Scroll down to find the course that you are interested in.
  • Does the course have spaces available?
    • Click on the course name to go to the booking page.
    • Click on “Book for this course or event”.
    • You will receive a confirmation email.  Please check your Junk/Spam folders as these automatically-generated emails often finish up there.
  • OR is the course shown as FULL?
    • Click on WAITLIST.

Paper Enrolment Form: before bookings open for First Semester

  • Obtain a paper Enrolment Form either from the Office or by printing an online copy available here.
  • Complete the paper Enrolment Form and submit it to the Office.

The start date for acceptance of paper Enrolment Forms for first semester is published on the U3APP website and in the e-Bulletin. Enrolment Forms received before this date are treated as though they had been received on the start date (ie there is no advantage to be gained by submitting early). On the start date and thereafter, paper Enrolment Forms are numbered in order of receipt.  Paper Enrolment forms are processed by U3APP volunteers on the same day as on-line bookings.

If your enrolment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please check your Junk/Spam folders as these automatically-generated emails often finish up there.

If your enrolment is unsuccessful,  you will receive an email telling you that you have been waitlisted.

Via the Office: after bookings have opened

  • Contact the office in person, or by email or phone.