. La Trobe University Memory Study

We are writing to let you know about a research study that might be interesting to your members. The research is being conducted by the Department of Psychology and Counselling at La Trobe University under the supervision of Dr Kerryn Pike.

RESEARCH STUDY TITLE: The effectiveness of face-name memory training in older adults

What is the study about?

This research is being done to learn more about the effectiveness of memory training for remembering names to faces in people over 60 years old. We are looking at whether learning specific strategies improves their ability to remember names, and what factors might influence this. The study is being conducted online (i.e. on the Internet).

Why are we doing this study?

The reason we want to know more about the effectiveness of face-name memory training is because forgetting names is one of the most common memory difficulties, and can lead to people withdrawing socially, reducing quality of life. The memory intervention involved in this study will be relatively short in time and is empirically supported to improve everyday memory performance and confidence.

Who can participate in this study?

Taking part in this research study is optional. We are looking for people who are:
●      Aged over 60 years old
●       Able to read and speak English proficiently
●       With normal or corrected-to-normal vision and hearing
●       Have access to a computer and the Internet
●       No current diagnosis of neurological disorders (e.g. dementia) or psychiatric disorders (e.g. bipolar disorder, schizophrenia)
●       Capable of completing the tasks independently

What does the study involve?

If people in your community do decide to take part they will be asked to:

●       Complete two questionnaire packages on the Internet, two weeks apart
●       Practice learning names every day for two weeks
●       Depending on which group people are allocated to, they will be provided with information on different memory strategies
●       All participants will have the opportunity to enter the draw to win one of fifteen $50 gift cards



If you would like more information or are interested in being part of the research study please contact:

NAME:  Kiki Wu / Sherry Zeng - Student investigators


This research has been reviewed and approved by The La Trobe University Human Research Ethics Committee. If you have any complaints or concerns about the research study please email humanethics@latrobe.edu.auor phone 9479 1443 quoting the following number HEC20218.

Yours sincerely - Kiki and Sherry - Student investigators