. Message from U3APP President – 18 July 2021

Graham Gosling - U3APP President

Welcome to Term 3 of the 2021 academic year at U3A Port Phillip.  We have much to celebrate in the successes we have had negotiating the COVID-19 minefield with its constantly evolving environment and resultant government restrictions.

Our groups responsible for shepherding us to this point have accomplished what initially seemed an impossible task: to restore U3APP to a semblance of normalcy, i.e., to stabilise and expand our curriculum and social atmosphere while ensuring a safe environment in which to operate.

Our present stability has resulted from the concerted efforts of our ‘behind-the-scenes’ groups of dedicated volunteers:  the COVID-19 Working Group which devised the strategic plan for recovery and guided implementation of that plan, The IT Team which operated the buttons and levers to enable delivery of the plan, the Enrolment Team which ensured Class rolls and Waitlists were actioned, Office Volunteers who kept the everyday aspects of the organisation running smoothly from remote locations, Course Coordinators who navigated the monumental task of scheduling all the Courses  and our dedicated and talented cadre of Tutors, who delivered Courses, all of whom showed remarkable resilience and flexibility.

Some of our Tutors deliver their Courses Face-2-Face in classrooms as was done prior to COVID, although most courses are delivered using Zoom as the delivery platform, and a few still rely on communication by e-mail. Surprisingly as well as pleasingly, U3APP has experienced an increase in Membership during our times of trial, putting even more stress on our Tutorial resources.

So, on behalf of the Committee of Management, I express my gratitude to those dedicated and resourceful individuals who delivered this ‘miracle’.  If you would like to be a part of this group, we are always in need of people to help, especially individuals willing to become Tutors.  Just raise your hand and someone will be there to help you into the Tutorial Team.

Thanks again.

Graham Gosling, President - U3A Port Phillip

18 July 2021