. Monash Research – 50+ Study

My name is Dr Nikos Thomacos. I am a Senior Lecturer at Monash University in Melbourne. I am working on a study with my colleague Jason Yeung about the about the lives, relationships, and well-being of people aged 50 and over. We hope you will consider participating in the study.

If you agree to participate you will complete a number of online surveys about your sources and use of support; your relationships with others; your life; and, some questions about you; for example, your age, sex, etc. The surveys should take approximately 20 - 25 minutes to complete.

To participate in this study, you need to be 50 years of older, can complete the surveys in English, and live in Australia.

You will not be required to provide any information that would allow you to be identified. All responses will remain anonymous.

The Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee has reviewed and approved this research study.

This link will take you to the study: 50+ Study

Finally, if you know of any other people like yourself who you think might be interested in supporting or potentially participating in the study, please feel free to forward details to them.

If you have any questions or I can clarify anything about the study, please contact me on 9904-4873 or [email protected].

Yours faithfully,

Dr Nikos Thomacos