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Your Courses & Events

This page lists the courses and events that you are enrolled in (scroll down).

Beside each course you will see the words Cancel and Apology.

Cancel (withdraw permanently from a course)

If you want to withdraw from a course, please click on Cancel.

Please note that the course will not be removed from your list immediately. It will remain in the list until your cancellation request is actioned by our IT and Enrolment Management (ITEM) team, usually within one or two days. If the course isn't full, the word Cancelled will appear beside the class when you click. If the course is full, clicking Cancel will generate an email* to the ITEM team, so that they know to remove you and fill your place from the Waitlist. Make sure you press SEND on the email.


If you can't attend one or more classes in a course, please click on Apology beside that course. This will create an email* - please insert the relevant class dates and press SEND. If you are going to be away and miss all your classes for a period, please apologise for each course separately by clicking on the links. It may be a bit more effort for you, but it makes life much easier for our volunteer ITEM team.

*If clicking on Cancel or Apology doesn't generate an email, please click here to learn why and how to fix it.

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