No More Bills! Mary Kehoe energy efficiency

Working in conjunction with the City of Port Phillip Sustainability Team, the U3A Community Carbon Cops have delivered an amazing set of results for the energy efficiency project they started in late 2013 at the Mary Kehoe Community Centre.  The highlights include:

  • The first energy positive public building in the City of Port Phillip - now generating 110% of its energy needs.
  • A reduction of energy consumption of 42%.
  • And best of all: no more electricty bills, this stunning change will provide Council with at least $2,300 in revenue each year instead of the expected $4,700 in electricty changes.  This is a $7,000 turnaround.

If you would like to get some help with reducing utility bills at your house, feel free to contact Brett Hedger at the City of Port Phillip on 9209 6780 or by email using [email protected].