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Executive, Committee and Key Roles

President: Renate Mattiske
Vice-President:   John Craven
Secretary:    Patricia Ferguson
Treasurer:   Kevin English

Committee of Management members:

Kate Anderson, Mark Denniston, Richard Edwards, Karen English, Geoffrey Levy, Ian Shaw

Ex officio members: Jenny Hunter, Jill Hearman, Bev Fryer, Margo Anderson

The Committee were elected at the December 2016 AGM. Since then there has been a resignation (Diane Barker) and Ian Shaw has been co-opted in her place.  Also, Pauline Amos has resigned as Secretary effective August 8 2017, to be replaced by Patricia Ferguson.

Portfolio teams:

Course Coordination: Sunny Acreman, Margaret Byron, Mark Denniston, Helen Donnellan, Ann Gibson, Geoffrey Levy, Gerry Smith

Member Liaison: Jill Hearman, Meredith Mancini

Finance & Purchasing:  Kevin English

Office Managers: Margo Anderson and Bev Fryer

Roster Coordinator: Desleigh Kent

Property Manager: Jenny Hunter

IT and Enrolment Management (ITEM team): Karen English, Myrna Fielden, Robyn Foy, Meredith Mancini, Jan Mulder, Lyn Place

IT systems: Helen Vorrath, Karen English, Diane Boyle, Kate Richards