Saturday Seminar – March 2017

Saturday Seminars – First Term, March 2017

“The Political is Personal” – A 20th Century Memoir

An audience of 40 members welcomed and were enthralled by the extraordinary life lived by this independent, determined woman which began in the mid-20th and continues today.

Judith Buckrich was born in Hungary of a communist father and a Jewish mother who had suffered and eventually escaped the Nazi terror of Auschwitz. She ended up in Australia in a society that encouraged her independence and a determination to right all political wrongs, espouse women’s liberation, marry, have a child then continue at the same time to write plays, act on stage and latterly to write books. At last count 13 published and the 14th, a history of Acland Street about to be released.

As some one said to me afterwards – “..she made me feel very inadequate. I am in awe of her energy”.

Mark Denniston - Course Co-ordination Team