. Things to do in Lockdown – Online Jigsaws

Online Jigsaws - by Janet Campbell

During Melbourne’s lockdowns, many of us have discovered (or rediscovered) the joy of jigsaw puzzles. They provide a range of benefits during these stressful and frustrating times. I find them to be quite meditative and offer much needed stress relief.

However, whilst our Port Melbourne Facebook group participants regularly posted about jigsaws during our first lockdown in 2020 (seems so long ago!), and the local newsagent offered a variety for sale, I hadn’t considered them for myself. I live in an apartment and don’t really have the space to have a jigsaw underway for hours or even days.

But that first lockdown seemed to drag on and on (little did we know then!), so I was intrigued when I saw a Facebook post about online jigsaws. I found there to be a wealth of these websites. However, some required subscriptions, some didn’t offer many functional options, and some were a bit “clunky” in design.

Then I discovered Jigsaw Explorer www.jigsawexplorer.com It’s a wonderful website and has provided me with many hours of entertainment. You can select puzzle images from a vast range of themes, e.g. Animals (birds, cats, insects, reptiles etc); Nature (beaches, seasons, farms, landscapes and more); Art includes paintings, costumes and murals; Holidays offer Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s selections. That’s just a few. Plus, you can use your own images i.e., your own photos or images “borrowed” temporarily from all over the internet. Other ways to customise your experience are to select your preferred challenge level (number of pieces) or invite other people to play the puzzle with you over the internet by sharing a game link.

As we embark on yet another lockdown, perhaps online jigsaws can offer you some much needed entertainment.