. Tutors Meeting Report 26 January 2021

The Tutors meeting held on 26th January drew a large crowd of tutors, office volunteers, committee members, course coordination staff and IT members.  In all, there were 53 attendees who were informed and entertained by a variety of speakers. The meeting was recorded and can be found at:

recording of Tutors Meeting 2021-01-26

Jim Pribble (CoM Tutor Support Volunteer and COVID-19 Working Group) opened the meeting and greeted guests:

Graham Gosling, President of U3APP briefly

  • Recounted the difficulties navigated during the most stringent period(s) of lockdown
  • Paid specific mention of the members of the COVID-19 Working Group (Pam Caven, Diane Boyle and Jim Pribble) for their hard work and perseverance to formulate strategic plans continue our mission basically uninterrupted
  • Acknowledged the vital role played by the remainder of the management team (Office Volunteers, The Webmaster Group, Course Coordination Team and the Committee of Management)
  • Outlined his vision of the 2021 ‘school year’, where we can:
    • Begin returning to face-to-face courses, hopefully in Term 2
    • Continue using Zoom as in Term 1 where appropriate
    • Concentrate on scheduling courses for returning to face-to-face presentation

Diane Boyle (CoM IT representative and COVID Working Group) summarised the status of courses and tutors, reporting that the numbers courses, tutors, and members are at about the same as they were a year ago ( 80 courses ,about 60 tutors, and 650+ members).

Pam Caven (CoM Deputy President and COVID Working Group) spoke on the monthly webinar series. She reported that:

  • The monthly webinar series has been very successful (we had to increase out Zoom capacity to accommodate all the participants)
  • The schedule for 2021 is rapidly filling
  • Pam is seeking additional speakers for future webinars

Sheila Quairney (CoM  Privacy and Security Volunteer) discussed the Volunteer Privacy Agreement emphasizing the importance of the concept and the need for all volunteers to read the document, sign it and submit it by 31 January.

Karen English, leader of the Information Technology Enrolment Management team (ITEM) presented an in-depth report:

  • On how tutors access their courses
  • The efficacy of assigning a co--host
  • The value of and recording and reporting attendance at classes
  • Karen also provided a list of IT personnel to contact should tutors encounter a problem while trying to deliver their course

The future of U3APP secure in view of the fact that the support functions required to make things work are in place and working well.  Have a good term, and look forward to ‘seeing’ you.