. Update from Covid-19 Working Group 18 April 2020

Term 2 started this week with 70% of our courses being offered, either online or via email correspondence.

We started Phase 1 only 4 weeks ago when we made the decision to stop face-to-face classes and we put in place engagement mechanisms which will continue for the duration.

Engagement between us all is critical as we go through these days of isolation.   We will continue to keep in touch, with the office still responding to phone calls and emails and member liaison still staying in touch with any members who are not well.  The e-bulletin is being sent out weekly instead of fortnightly, Spotlight On! has new wings and the COVID-19 page presents continually updated information.  Our Facebook page has ramped up allowing engagement between members and the new Tutors Forum facilitates engagement between tutors.

Phase 2 has now completed, in which a large number of U3APP volunteers worked with our tutors to determine how they could run their Term 2 courses and then communicated to every course member what was happening with their course.  We started this phase with a long schedule of tasks that had to be completed before Term 2 started and we did them all.  Thank you to everyone for your focus on getting the job done and for your encouragement to each other.

Phase 3 has now started with the ongoing day to day enjoyment of Term 2 courses.  There will undoubtedly be some teething problems as we adapt to the totally new way of delivering and attending our courses, but these are being addressed promptly.  And if you have some new ideas to investigate, we'd be delighted to hear from you - just email us at wg@u3app.org.au.

With best regards from the Working Group, Pam and Jim and Diane