. Vaccination Requirements at U3APP

As was reported to the last E-Bulletin, the Victorian DHHS and the City of Port Phillip have changed the COVID restrictions, effective as of 11.59pm Friday 22 April 2022. The following requirements will no longer apply for Community Centres:

  • All staff, vendors and attendees are fully vaccinated.
  • Electronic QR Code Check-in is completed on arrival.
  • Covid Marshal is appointed.

The new COVID restrictions mean vaccinations are no longer mandated for Community Centres, like U3APP. Therefore the Committee of Management has decided, unanimously, that the current U3APP policy that requires members to be vaccinated to attend face to face classes or events is no longer necessary. This is in line with both the current Victorian DHHS and CoPP restrictions.

Department of Health and Human Services currently recommends a 4th dose for those over 65 years which they are calling the Winter dose.

The Committee of Management recommend members keep their vaccinations up to date for their own safety but there is no longer the need to send proof of vaccination to U3APP.

Entry to Mary Kehoe Centre and the other U3APP venues no longer requires QR code check-in or a COVID Marshal. U3APP thanks all the office volunteers and face to face tutors for their hard work associated with the COVID Marshal process over recent months.

Keep Safe.

Gillian Wood
Health & Safety Officer, U3APP
0409 068 653