Form | Volunteer Agreement Feb 2021

All Volunteers, including Tutors and Facilitators, are requested to read, complete and submit this agreement.

The University of the Third Age Port Phillip (U3APP) is operated entirely by members who volunteer their time, their knowledge and their skills.  This is the foundation of everything that happens at U3APP.  All tasks undertaken by our Volunteers are aimed at ensuring the efficient and purposeful activities of U3APP.

As U3APP expands in response to members’ needs it is imperative that all our Volunteers understand the scope of the role they undertake. This includes protecting the privacy and rights of members in relation to their personal information.

 Our statement of purpose clearly sets out U3APP’s objectives and goals -

  • promoting lifelong learning among older people in the community
  • encouraging members to share their own skills and knowledge
  • providing affordable learning programs to stimulate mental and physical activity and alertness
  • providing a pleasant learning and social environment for members
  • seeking to cooperate with other community groups
  • being recognised as a responsible body
  • actively participating within the broader community

To ensure that U3APP Volunteers understand their role and how it fits in within all of our activities, you are asked to familiarise yourself with this agreement and complete it as requested to indicate your acceptance.


U3APP wishes to provide an environment that is both safe and rewarding. The following list includes the rights to which we believe our Volunteers are entitled –

  • to receive appropriate orientation and training required for your role
  • to receive ongoing support, training and updated information
  • to be given the opportunity to develop and learn new skills
  • to receive fair treatment and to be respected for your contribution
  • to be able to express opinions freely and be listened to
  • to accept roles without coercion and be free of exploitation
  • to work in a safe environment with adequate equipment
  • to be given a broad knowledge of U3APP operations

U3APP regards its Volunteers as representing the organisation’s ideals and principles. It has the right to expect trustworthy and reliable Volunteers who will respect the organisation and adhere to its policies and procedures.  Following is a list of the responsibilities we request that you accept –

  • act in accordance with U3APP’s ethos, purpose & principles and follow its policies and procedures as laid out in the Policy and Procedures Manual
  • be trustworthy, reliable and positive
  • complete the agreed tasks, working together with others to achieve the highest possible standards
  • collaborate with others and as part of the team of Volunteers where appropriate and share your ideas and thoughts respectfully
  • respect U3APP business matters as confidential
  • represent U3APP with honesty and integrity
  • undertake required training in a positive manner and be open to new learning opportunities
  • be responsible for your own self-care needs
  • only use members’ personal details for U3APP administrative and communication purposes, as per the Privacy Policy .  The BCC box should be used for emails to more than one member unless consent to share email addresses has been obtained from each person.