Positions Vacant

Would you like to contribute to U3A Port Phillip? Below are our current opportunities for volunteers. For our volunteer roles we usually try to recruit a team, so that they can back each other up if someone is travelling, ill, or just unexpectedly busy, and so that succession planning is easier. So don't be afraid to put your hand up - the job will not be too onerous. And the more volunteers we have, the easier it is for everyone. All you need is a desire to contribute, a willingness to learn, and a degree of patience.

Office Volunteers (OVs)

Our Office is manned (personned?) from 9:30 to 3:30 each day. Volunteers work one half day a fortnight. It involves responding to communications from members who come in person or who phone, and also providing some support for the tutors and class monitors who are running classes during that half day period. You should be comfortable using a computer or a tablet, able to read and respond to emails, and able to look up and occasionally update information in our on-line systems. Training is provided for all new volunteers.

Office Coordinator

The Office Coordinator is the trouble-shooter for any day to day issues in the U3APP Office. He or she should be

  • familiar with all the tasks that the OVs are expected to do
  • be able to help or backstop in the event of something not working, or someone being in difficulties
  • ensure that Office supplies are replenished as needed
  • liaise with CoPP over bookings of rooms at Mary Kehoe that are additional to our normal program (for meetings, special events, etc)

The Office Coordinator works with current volunteers and volunteer teams who

  • organise and manager the OV roster
  • collect supplies from OfficeWorks bought on-line by the Office Coordinator
  • liaise with CoPP over building maintenance issues (Committee position)
  • manage the IT and Enrolment systems.

The Office Coordinator does not need to be in the Office on a regular basis, but needs to be able to come in when required to solve a problem or resolve an issue. Most issues can be dealt with via phone or email from home.

Tutor Liaison

The Tutor Liaison person

  • ensures that new tutors receive appropriate induction before their first class, including
    • information about the venue they are using
    • instructions on how to use AV equipment, etc
    • information about U3APP policies, processes and procedures for enrolment of course members, including Waitlisting
    • instructions about the maintenance of attendance rolls
  • provides the first point of contact for tutors who have any issues
  • works with the Course Coordination team for any issues that require timetabling changes
  • ensures that the IT and Enrolment team are informed about changes to courses (including cancellation of classes) in time to make the appropriate changes to the website and e-rolls, and to notify course members of any change

Ideally the Tutor Liaison person would be someone who is, or has been, a tutor and is therefore already familiar with the above, but this is not essential - training can be provided.