U3APP Forms

Here are the U3APP forms which you complete and submit online:

Here are the U3APP forms which you need to print and then complete:

  • to request a contribution towards the cost of teaching materials relevant to a U3APP course: Tutor Contribution Form
  • to get the U3APP name tag template: U3APP Name Tag (note that this appears as a downloaded Word document, usually at the bottom left of your screen)
  • to make a purchase request: Purchase Request Form
  • to request an expense reimbursement: Expense Reimbursement Form
  • to complete the disclaimer for courses: Course Disclaimer Form (this form can also be completed online - see above - the online version is preferred)


  • AGM forms, such as proxy forms and committee nomination forms, are available on the AGM invitation, as they are specific to each AGM
  • Course Enrolment forms are made available towards the end of November each year.